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International Gediz and Aegean River Basins Symposium (GEDIZSYMP2022)


The river basins that originate from Western Anatolia and flow into the Aegean Sea have an important potential in terms of agriculture and industry thanks to their productive resources. GEDIZSYMP2022 aims to bring together all stakeholders from the public and private sectors, who consider the resources of the Aegean River Basins as a common value, to create a platform for discussion on the problems and current scientific studies on the resources of primarily the Gediz River Basin and the other Aegean River Basins.

In the symposium; institutional and legal regulations to strengthen coordination and participation in water basin management, studies on basin management planning and practices carried out by different institutions and organizations in water basins, scientific studies on basin areas and investments, strategies for strengthening the basin knowledge base, monitoring and evaluation capacities and establishing a common monitoring and evaluation system for watershed management will be discussed for the sustainability of our basins around Aegean Sea, especially the Gediz River Basin. In addition, the protection, development and sustainability of watershed resources, the evaluation of ecological, economic and social costs and benefits (internal and external effects) of alternative projects and applications in the basins will be discussed. With the coordinated and participatory works of institutions, organizations and stakeholders related to the river basins, this symposium aims to provide information sharing about the latest developments in the sustainability of resources through the presentations of the researchers.

We look forward to your valuable participation in GEDIZSYMP2022 and present our best regards.